About me

I’m a marketer by trade and a writer at heart. I love stories.


And words, people, words, food, words, music, words, dogs, words and my family and friends. Did I say I liked words?

Writing is my passion and it’s how I express myself.  It’s also part of how I make my living, but I don’t get many chances to be expressive. So here I am – finally ready to share some of my ramblings with the world outside Facebook! Lucky you! Ha.

Be gentle, eh…

So: me.

I suppose I’m what you might kindly call “eclectic”. I’m a realist, a dreamer, a feminist, one of the lads, pretty much unshockable, a socialist (who likes nice things), a citizen of the world, a massive foodie, a dog-lover, a people-lover, a spiritual atheist (?!), a bit of a loner (though I love people), an optimistic worrier, enthusiastic and gregarious but shy. I genuinely think I’ve got social tourettes syndrome –I’m also cheeky, sarkey, borderline obsessive, occasionally puerile (I’m sure I have a ten year old boy inside me sometimes) and a raging over-discloser (I have ZERO filter-abilities), so some stuff that I post may be pretttty near the knuckle. As I’ve said elsewhere, please don’t read if you’re offended by scenes of a sexual/intimate/bloody nature, although I will file particularly “extreme” posts in my TMI (too much information!) category so you don’t have to look if you don’t want to.

Some things I like:

  • early nights
  • early bars
  • kindness
  • entwinedness
  • funny, clever people
  • meditating
  • dogs
  • greyhounds
  • dogs’ ears
  • my freshly made bed
  • the smell of my dog’s feet (yes, really)
  • sweetness in others
  • first smell of spring on the breeze
  • first smell of summer on the breeze
  • English seaside in winter

I’m sometimes controversial but don’t do racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia or nationalism – so if you do, please feel free to move on and find another blog that fits your opinions. No offence.

As for the rest of you – *how do! 

I hope you get something from my stream-of-consciousness gibbering, if only the relief of knowing you’re not actually all that mad/bad after all 😉

And please do comment and get in touch if you have anything to say, add or question me about – I’d love to hear your views and experiences about anything that I (over) share.

Thanks for dropping by, I really do appreciate it.

 Marianna x

*Yorkshire for “hello”

Copyright © 2015 Marianna Myles. All rights reserved.

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