getting older


Hi there! I’m Marianna and this is my stuff.

I’m a late-40s woman from the glorious North of England and I’ve recently entered (*stage-whisper*): “the menopause“. Dah, dah, DAAHH…

me and dog

So. Things have begun pretty dramatically and I’ve got a feeling I’m on the road to a strange and foreign land, so I’ve decided to share my journey – along with any other ramblings about anything and everything that pokes my bonnet or makes me smile – warts and all. Actually, there are no warts but there will undoubtedly be some blood and guts – and more than a few TMI moments – so if you have a weak stomach you might want to cover your eyes now and again.

I’m a woman, but I’m not a “lady”. And as such, I have some pretty strong views about…ooh…allsorts. And unlike the perfect dinner party guest I’ll talk about politics, religion (I’m a pretty militant ex-catholic), sexuality  and anything else that gets me going – but I’ll also share nice stuff, funny stuff, and stuff that enriches us; mind, body and soul.

I believe that we’re all in this together so I’m unashamedly into the well-being of my fellow earthlings, whether spiritual, mental or physical.

And I’m not one for mincing my words, so if you’re at all offended by the occasional spirited rant and bout of creative cursing then, sadly, I may not be for you.

But if you’re ok with some/all of the above, then read on: it won’t always be pretty, but I think – I hope! – it’ll be entertaining…